The Guide Lines of Buying Instagram Followers: The Truth Behind Them

By Sachin Khanna

You may have seen ads or influencers promoting companies that sell Instagram followers. They make it look so easy and attractive. All you have to do is hand over some money, and voila! You have thousands of new followers. But is it that simple at MegaFamous? Let’s find out.

Why People Buy Followers 

There are a few reasons why people buy instagram followers cheap:

  • The first reason is to increase their social proof. Social proof is the idea that the more people follow you, the more credible you appear. This is especially true for businesses or influencers who use Instagram to promote their products or services. Having a large number of followers makes you look more popular and trustworthy, which can attract more organic (natural) followers.
  • The second reason people buy Instagram followers is to jumpstart their account growth. Getting your first 1000 followers can be the most challenging part because you have no social proof, and no one knows who you are yet. Once you break through that barrier, it becomes much easier to grow your account organically. Buying followers gives you a head start to gain traction and quickly grow your account.
  • People buy Instagram followers to get on the explore page or “Instagram algorithm.” The explore page is where people go when they want to find new content on Instagram. When your posts get put on the explore page, it exposes your content to a new audience that would not have seen it otherwise. The algorithm also favors accounts with high engagement (likes, comments, saves), so by having a lot of fake followers, you can increase your chance of being put on the explore page and getting more authentic followers.

How Buying Followers Works

There are two ways that companies typically sell Instagram followers: bots and fake accounts. Bots are computer programs that automatically follow, like, and comment on other accounts. Fake accounts are fake accounts created by real people with fake information and photos. Let’s examine some advantages and disadvantages of buying Instagram followers now that we know how they do it.

The Pros of Buying Followers

  1. You will see an immediate increase in your follower count.  
  2. It jumpstarts your account growth.
  3. It increases your chances of being put on the explore page.
  4. It can help with social proof.
  5. It’s relatively cheap compared to other marketing tactics.

The Cons of Buying Followers

  1. Most of your followers will be fake, so that they won’t engage with your content.
  2. There’s always a risk of being caught and suspended by Instagram.
  3. Your engagement rate will be artificially inflated, leading to less organic reach.
  4. It’s an unethical marketing tactic.
  5. It’s not sustainable in the long run.


Is buying Instagram followers worth it? That depends on your goals. Buying followers might be a good option if you want quick social proof or want to jumpstart your account growth. However, buying followers is not the way to go if you’re looking for long-term organic growth. Remember, Quality over quantity! It’s always better to have 100 real, engaged followers than 10,000 fake ones.

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