Send Secret Encrypted Messages With Send Self Destruct Private Notes

By Sachin Khanna

In today’s world, we use messages in different ways. Some people send sweet selfies instead of saying their deep love for the person they are interested in. Others use messaging apps for group chats, sharing photos, and making plans with friends and family members. 

The same applies to sending encrypted messages via a self-destruct feature, which will make sure your message is not saved permanently once it has been read. Its shows you how to do that and some other ways to securely communicate with your friends and family members using Android Messages.

What Is A Self-Destruct Message?

A self-destruct message would be an encrypted text that will automatically delete itself after a certain time. The time frame for the self-destruct message is set by you so your friend can only view it for a short period. 

It’s like sending a secret message that only the person you are sending it to can read and no one else can see. This feature is also helpful when you want to send someone a quick note but don’t want them to know where you are or what you are doing.

Use End-To-End Encryption For Secure Communication

The first step to secure communication is to ensure end-to-end encryption, which means that the message cannot be decoded without the sender and receiver’s private key. It’s like a lock and key. To use this feature, there are a few steps that you have to take. The first thing is to add yourfriends or family members as an Android contact.  

Next, tap on their profile so you can send them a message. Once you have your message ready, tap on the little envelope icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. On the next screen, pick “Encrypt with PGP” from the list of options and then press send. Now that you have encrypted message, it will be sent as an unreadable text file until it reaches its destination.

Set Expiration Date And Time For Messages

Before you start sending encrypted messages, it is important that you set an expiration date and time for them. Before you send a self-destruct note, make sure you’ve chosen the right time to do so. If a message expires too soon or too late, the message will not be erased.

Communicate In Privacy

Android Messages has a feature called Secret Chat that allows you to send encrypted messages to a predefined or unknown contact. You will be able to set a timer for how long the message should last and choose how much time it should be visible. This is perfect for when you want to have a conversation without worrying about anyone else seeing your messages. 


When you want to send a secret message and don’t want the message to be saved, use a self-destructing encrypted message on Android Messages. You can also use the Privnote to send secure, encrypted messages that disappear after a set time.

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