Registry Cleaner In Action

By Sachin Khanna

Nothing is more annoying than a slow browser with a fast internet connection. But why does it happen? You’re working on a project or surfing the internet about the latest tech in the market, but then your system starts lagging. Or you’re gaming at your best, and the final boss appears but suddenly the frame drops to a single-digit number. What is responsible for such functioning of your CPU? Many people face this issue. Most of the time the person installs many applications and software that runs in the background and as a result, they are always working in the background consuming more RAM and processing without your concern. As a result, the system cannot perform your desired program smoothly and most of the time it crashes. In such cases, all the windows operating systems are recommended to be scanned by a registry cleaner that keeps a check on the data on work.

How to fix this issue?

The easiest way to speed up your system is by using some third-party software to detect the apps running in the background and force them to stop. However such software consumes a lot of CPU work itself and ultimately makes it slower. Even the antiviruses are not trustworthy on the internet. It is because it runs in the background almost all the time to check for malware and virus on the browser slowing down the PC. Whether antivirus or cleaner, background data consumption can be a real issue. Along with the unnecessary multi-tasking, it also risks your privacy. Most of the time when the user installs free services from antiviruses or mod versions of paid apps, they secretly access your file that contains information about a lot of your data and sends it to the server. There is a considerable chance that it might be sold on purpose. These cases happen all the time.

So what is the overall solution?

There is a fixed solution; install a registry cleaner or pay for the antivirus services that handle your privacy that has existed on the internet without any suspicion of stealing your data. But most of the time, these payments are high and not very affordable to all the people on the internet. In such cases we might help you with a small life saver suggestion; it is the Cyber Lab registry cleaner. It works better than even the paid software and handles the task with ease. It is like “a miracle” for your PC because it not only just keeps a check on the programs that run in the background but also keeps the processing of GPU and CPU faster. And above all, it also functions according to the compatibility of the antiviruses and your PC. It consumes only 20Mb of RAM while scanning the system in idle mode, in comparison to which the commonly used software uses up to 500Mb RAM.

Overall, the results of using this software have a positive impact on the experience of the user. It is a one-way ticket to all the solutions that you face while using your PC. So switch to Cyber Lab and experience a better speed.

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